Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Every 24 #32

Bactine versus Bakhtin (Take Five)

Mike and me keep getting stuck outside time
We don't need to be huffing Bactine for time to stick
Sometimes it's just time and we're the ones sticking

I mean, I haven't changed my underwear for a while
I mean, sometimes I eat out of that dumpster we hunker
Down near. I mean, you ever kiss anybody with paint

Smeared around your mouth? She won't either, but it's an art
Stopping inside of time while getting stuck outside of time
Like that one time I was without Mike and looking through

Her bedroom window, her head pendulum bobbing
Beneath his crooked, glowing smile. I mean, I can't speak
For Mike, except to say when I pressed my mouth

Up against glass it was too dark to see the ripples in the ring
I left behind.

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