Tuesday, September 28, 2010

One Every 24 #47

Anecdote Hinting at a Recurring Fear

When he told B. B. it was terminal

The doctor likened the disease’s spread

To weeds taking over a lawn.

It’s impossible to get them all, he concluded.

What bullshit, B.B. thought at the whole idea of being

Shut off at the height of twenty-six

That a lawn survives with care in spite of weeds

And a goddamn doctor can’t even kill me

With an accurate analogy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

One Every 24 #46

Divination (Hepatoscopy)

You were not the lucky one
hopping through days
beneath the hunter's lazy eye
drawn askance, aimless.

Unfanged, your off head, delicate
ears, liver gnawed in the shade
as the cat read its own meaning
in your unwound guts splayed over

blood spotted stones. One future
do I see told in these remains:
we will battle with charmed feet
licked clean of their saving grace.