Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Every 24 #28

Bactine versus Bakhtin (Take One)

Mike and me are hunkered down next to a piss-smelling dumpster
Behind the Save-a-Lot huffing Bactine out of Wonder Bread bag.
Mike's in it nose-deep, sucking and blowing then holding onto a lungful

He thunks his head back against the dumpster, sighs out that ether
Smelling mist, he grins cracked lips away from yellow teeth
I pull the bag through his limp fingers as he says, "Fuck, man. Oh, fuck.

It's like I'm here doing this but I'm not here doing this, like I'm me
But I'm not me until I do something to make me me, you know
What I mean?" I mean fuckin-a yeah, I know what Mike means, maybe.

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