Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Every 24 #22


What the fuck is wrong with you?

Between the seizures of matter
innundations, the spewing of fire
vortexes of invisible gas

(all of which on the cosmic scale
are analogous to a dropped dinner plate)

there has come to be every possible hatred
perversion and their subsequent righteous indignations

All manner of death and suffering natural and obscene

And yet, compassion, love, sacrifice, generosity
and the possibility that all matter is connected

Which brings me back to you, and whatever the fuck
has gone way, way, way wrong here

My eyes and brain tell me one of a few things must be true
(though, perhaps none of them are, which means this is also
one of the things that must be true, or not):

If you're a benevolent, omniscient, omnipotent, interventionist
God you've got some serious explaining to do. Otherwise, it seems
your sense of right and wrong are all fucked up

If you're a non-interventionist God, a clock maker, so to speak
Fuck you. Your clock needs fixing. So what if it's Sunday. Get to work

If you're something like they claim. Well, I've done the best
I could, but I would not toe the dogma line so I guess you'll have to
give me whatever punishment you knew I had coming all along

But, if it's true that the universe has a single point of origin
and all matter is connected, then all of reality is one
organism of which we are each a part.

I have come to suspect
that this organism is God.
I have come to see us as particles
within this God-body

And so in the end, when I say fuck you, fix this world
you made then gave to us, I'm really praying

we find a way to get our shit together before it's too late

I mean the people largely responsible
as well as myself.

I mean I love you.

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