Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Every 24 #45

Silent Movie with a Final Scene Inside Your Car

Luminous, exploding into the instant
We fall upon each other across the seats
Throw pancake looks against the levered
Light piling through the A.M. streets
Stunned by this quality production
Torn by yet another fried egg sunrise
And the shock of our disdain, such a mute
Imposition upon our fiery vomiting
The washed-out black and white grace
Inside our argued embrace rising as we rise
Through the lie of our being and the truth
We need to become each of us throwing
The other aside even as we're thrown
Aside by the other. And wan, so wan
Our pressed-glass daguerreotype pause
Beneath our precipice grip now dangling
Us at the very brink of us, as we are wanting
Rescue clinging to the lip of the zebra
Striped clapper, that toothless alligator
Mouth singing the live organ soundtrack
Wanting only gravity, closure, action
Between our fading in and fading out.

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