Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Every 24 #42

broken manifesto

fistula asks aneurysm
what of it, (the how of our mind's eye
watching over the body's desire
to not go terribly wrong all at once
how we're cut loose by our oblivious
obvious: our collected matter's
impossible chance to make history
or thank you for a blessing given
at the snag of a sneeze, to know
and forget the constant rivers
of our blood, the work done by liver
heart and lung, the muscle's torque and each
thing given by the continual electrical
hum of brains, the toddler's laugh
the unavoidable act of your thinking
these words you read, the simply impossible
coagulations of physics proven by our being
and that mute purity lost and found
within) our need for beliefs born
through with the ruin of creeds?

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