Monday, December 14, 2009

I am Not [ ] Enough #1



I am Not [ ] Enough #2











knowing (known)











vast vengeful venomous verdant versed victorious vigorous vivacious voiceless volatile voracious vulgar villain




zealous zero

I am Not [ ] Enough #3

abrasive absent absorbing abstracted absurd abusive acceptable accessible accidental accurate acoustic acrid actually ad hoc adamant adaptable addicted adhesive adorable afraid agonizing ahead alcoholic alert alike alive alleged alluring aloof ambiguous ambitious amuck ancient animated apathetic aquatic aromatic aspiring assorted astonishing auspicious available average aware axiomatic

bad barbarous bashful bawdy beautiful befitting belligerent berserk better big billowy bizarre black boiling boorish boring boundless brash brawny breezy brief bright broad broken bumpy burly

cagey callous capable capricious ceaseless changeable cheerful childlike chilly chivalrous chubby chunky clammy classy cloistered cloudy clumsy coherent cold colossal combative comfortable cooing cool cooperative courageous cowardly crabby craven crazy credible creepy crooked cuddly cultured curly curved cynical

daffy daily damaged damaging damp dapper dashing dazzling deadpan debonair decisive decorous deep deeply defective delightful demonic deranged deserted detailed determined devilish didactic diligent direful dirty disagreeable discreet disillusioned dispensable divergent dizzy domineering draconian dramatic drunk dry dull dusty dynamic dysfunctional

eager early earsplitting earthy eatable economic educated efficacious efficient elated elderly elfin elite eminent empty enchanting encouraging endurable energetic entertaining enthusiastic equable erect erratic ethereal evanescent evasive evil excellent excited exclusive exotic expensive exuberant exultant

fabulous faded fallacious fanatical fancy fantastic fascinated fast fat faulty fearless feigned fertile festive filthy finicky flagrant flashy flawless flippant flowery foamy foregoing forgetful fortunate frail fretful friendly functional funny furtive futuristic

gabby gainful gamy gaping garrulous gaudy gentle giant giddy gigantic glamorous gleaming glib glorious glossy godly good goofy gorgeous graceful grandiose gratis great greedy green groovy grotesque grouchy gruesome grumpy guarded guiltless gullible gusty guttural

habitual half hallowed halting handsome handsomely hapless happy harmonious heady healthy heartbreaking heavenly heavy hellish helpful hesitant high highfalutin hilarious historical holistic hollow honorable horrible hospitable huge hulking humdrum humorous hungry hurried hurt hypnotic hysterical

icky idiotic ignorant illegal illustrious imaginary immense imminent impartial imperfect imported incandescent incompetent inconclusive industrious innate instinctive internal invincible irate itchy

jaded jagged jazzy jealous jittery jobless jolly joyous judicious jumbled jumpy juvenile

kaput kind kindhearted knotty knowing knowledgeable known

labored lackadaisical lacking lamentable languid large late laughable lavish lazy lean learned legal lethal level lewd light likeable literate little lively long longing lopsided loutish lovely loving low lowly lucky ludicrous lush luxuriant lying lyrical

macabre macho maddening madly magenta magical magnificent majestic makeshift malicious mammoth maniacal many marked massive materialistic mature measly meek melodic merciful mere mighty mindless miniature minor miscreant moaning modern moldy momentous muddled mundane murky mushy mysterious

naive nappy narrow nasty nauseating nebulous needless needy neighborly nervous new nice nifty noiseless noisy nonchalant nondescript nonstop nostalgic nosy noxious null numberless numerous nutritious

oafish obedient obeisant obscene obsequious observant obsolete obtainable oceanic odd offbeat old omniscient onerous optimal orange ordinary organic ossified oval overconfident overjoyed overrated overt overwrought

painful painstaking panoramic parched parsimonious pastoral pathetic peaceful penitent perfect periodic permissible perpetual petite phobic picayune piquant placid plant plant plausible pleasant plucky pointless political possessive precious premium pretty prickly productive profuse protective proud psychedelic psychotic puffy pumped puny purple

quack quaint quarrelsome questionable quick quickest quiet quixotic quizzical

rabid racial ragged rainy rambunctious rampant rare raspy ratty rebel receptive recondite red redundant reflective relieved reminiscent resolute resonant rhetorical righteous rightful ritzy roasted robust romantic roomy round royal ruddy rural rustic ruthless

sable sad sassy satisfying savoy scandalous scarce scary scientific scintillating scrawny secretive sedate seemly selective shallow shocking short shrill silly sincere skillful skinny sloppy slow small smelly sneaky snobbish snotty soggy somber sordid spectacular spicy spiffy spiritual splendid spooky spurious squalid square squeamish staking standing statuesque steadfast stereotyped stimulating stingy strange subdued subsequent successful succinct sulky supreme swanky sweltering symptomatic synonymous

taboo tacit tacky talented tall tame tan tangible tangy tart tasteful tawdry tearful telling temporary tender tenuous tested testy therapeutic thinkable threatening tight tightfisted tiny tiresome toothsome torpid tough towering tranquil trashy tricky trite truculent typical

ubiquitous ugliest ugly ultra unable unaccountable unadvised unarmed unbecoming unbiased uncovered understood undesirable unequaled uneven unsightly unsuitable unusual upbeat uppity upset uptight used utopian utter uttermost

vacuous vagabond vague various vast vengeful venomous verdant versed victorious vigorous vivacious voiceless volatile voracious vulgar

wacky waggish wakeful wanting warlike warm wary wasteful wasteful watchful watery weak wealthy weary wee wet whimsical whispering wholesale wicked wide willing wiry wise wistful woebegone womanly wonderful wooden woozy workable worried worthless wrathful wretched wry


yellow yielding young youthful yummy

zany zealous zippy zonked

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  1. Just read your story over at decomP magazinE. Poor Wicklow doesn't have his "shit" together, does he? This story is so much different than your sentimental piece from the MetroTimes. Still, cool man, very cool.